Vacant Home Insurance

Vacant Home Insurance

Vacant Home Insurance

So many home owners are unaware of vacant home insurance. Not just the existence of it but when they will need it. There are 3 major scenarios where having this coverage is helpful.

  • Homeowners that are moving but have not sold there old house yet
  • Rental properties that are in between tenants
  • Homes that are being renovated but are empty of all belongings

Your home is considered vacant if it has been emty for 30-60 days. As such, your insurance may not provide full coverage to that property. That is where vacant home insurance comes in.

Why Is It Different?

Vacant homes can have problems when there is no one arround to tend to them, which can lead to a problem getting worse before it gets better. For example, a roof leak could go undetected for much longer if no one is there to notice it. Things such as storms, fires, and other disasters dont get immediate attention in vacant homes. There are also liability options in case you are responsible for an accident on the property.

Vacant Home Insurance Keeps You Covered

TO maintain full coverage on your home in the even of a loss, you need the right policy. The Oklahoma Insurance Connection can help you stay covered when you need it. Call us now or send us a message to get started right away.

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