Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Coverage

oklahoma uninsured motorist coverage

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Having auto insurance is not only required by state law in Oklahoma, but it is one of the most important policies you can have. Too many people opt for the cheapest option for car insurance and leave themselves exposed to heavy repair bills and other costs in the event of an accident. 

What Happens After An Accident

If you are driving and become involved in an auto accident, a claim is filed with the at fault parties insurance company. After inspection of police reports and their own investigation of what happened, the at fault parties insurance will write a check to other driver to cover the damage and relieve them of liability for damages. For example, if you miss a stop sign and make contact with another vehicle and there are injuries or damage to a vehicle, your insurance company will pay for those damages to the other driver. On the other side of that, if you in an accident for which you are not at fault, the other party will have to cover that. 

What Happens If Someone Hits You And Doesn't Have Insurance

In a perfect world, everyone would carry the required and adequate amount of insurance. However, it doesn't always work that way. If you are in an accident and the other party does not have insurance, or doesn't have enough to cover the cost of your loss, you may wind up in court with a civil suit. But those lawsuits can take months to settle, leaving you in a bad spot. And even if you win a judgement, what if that person is unemployed or does not have a way to pay the judgement? How do you collect anything?

Stay Protected With Extra Coverage

In situations like the one we just described, you can carry extra insurance to make sure you are covered. Some states require it, in Oklahoma it is optional. Even though it is not required by law, it is still a good idea to have uninsured motorist coverage in Oklahoma to relieve you from liability if you are not at fault in an accident and don't want to worry about whether or not the other party can cover your damages and costs. Contact the Oklahoma Insurance Connection to get a quote on uninsured motorist covereage today. 

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