How To Get The Best Auto Insurance Rates

best auto insurance rates

How To Get The Most Affordable Auto Insurance Premium

We all want to get the best rate on car insurance. Its good for our wallet and makes us feel like we are saving money. But the cheapest premiums arent always a good thing. There are several con's when it comes to cheap auto insurance. 

  • Less coverage means higher repair costs. Just because you carry the minimum requirement for Oklahoma auto insurance, doesn't mean you get the best coverage. If you are incolved in a collision, your insurance may not pay. If you are a victim of theft or vandalism, those costs may come out of your own pocket as well. 
  • Miminum coverage means minimum limits. When filing a claim, you may reach your coverage limit a lot faster than you are expecting and have to pay the difference out of pocket. 
  • Higher deductible means you pay more before insurance kicks in. Make sure when getting insurance that you can afford your deductible in the event that something happens and you need to file a claim. 

Things That Affect Your Rates

There are several factors that go into your auto insurance rates. Gender, marital status, age, and occupation are all risk factors for insurance companies. It is shown that younger men have more auto accidents than women, while married couples tend to be safer drivers than single or divorced individuals. These sort of demographics are considered by insurance companies when determining what your rates will be. 

Other factors include where you live. If there is a high rate of auto theft in your area, that may also mean higher insurance premiums. Vandalism reports, weather related claims, and fake injury reports all add up to the insurance company and may have an impact on how much you pay. 

What Do You Drive?

It is no secret that it costs more to insure sports cars than family sedans. This is because of the higher risk factor for speeding tickets and reckless driving by people who own the same type of vehicle. Your own personal driving record is considered as well. If you have a lot of tickets or accidents on your record then you are higher risk to your insurance company. Being a safe driver can greatly help you save in the long run. 

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At the Oklahoma Insruance Connection we can help you get the most affordable rate on auto insurance. Call us today and we will go over all of your qualifications and get you the affordable auto insurance premiums you are looking for. Our agents can go over your risk factors and help you minimize them so that you are not spending more out of pocket than neccessary. Call us now. 

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