Teen Driving

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Teen Driving

Parenting is a tough job. From diapers to walking, sports, school dances, dating, homework, and the list goes on. But almost nothing prepares you for the moment your teenager starts driving. And what is more uncomfortable than that, is what it does to your insurance rates. Studies show that a teen driver can raise your rates nearly 80%. However, there are some things that help offset this cost.

Why Does It Cost So Much?

Insurance companies base your rates off of a score. Kind of like credit. When you are 16, you don't have any scores, much less a good one. With nothing to base off of, teenagers are considered high risk. And for good reason. The majority of traffic accidents in the United States involved teenagers between 16 and 19. And it stays this way until the age of 25, which is right when you see your premium go down providing you have a clean driving record.

So How Can You Save?

Well to start, you can choose the right car. Sure your kid might want to drive that brand new muscle car right off the showroom floor, but that is going to cost more to insure. You want to look for safety features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, seatbelt alarms, backing cameras, and power steering. Do your homework before letting them drive just any car.

Good Grades Help

Students who take a drivers education class can qualify for 10% or more off the cost of car insurance. Additionally, many insurance providers offer discounts to those students who maintain good grades. Good grades mean a B average while enrolled as a full time student. Not every insurance company offers this, but it is good to find ones that do.

Policy Bundles

Almost every insurance company offers ways to bundle your home and auto insurance. Most teenagers cannot pay for their own insurance as it is, and a single driver policy is the #1 most expensive policy to get. Adding them to your policies for a bundle does mean taking on the added cost of another driver, but it means saving hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Ask About Specific Driving Habits

In many cases, you can get a cheaper policy if your teen doesn't drive very much. For instance, if school or work is only a couple of miles from home, then you may get a discount. However, do not accept any discounts that would leave your child underinsured if an accident were to happen.

Get The BEST Coverage For Your Teen Driver

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