Preparing For Tornado Season

Preparing For Tornado Season

Preparing For Tornado Season In Oklahoma

Springtime is tornado season in Oklahoma. Every year we see plenty of them throughout the state. And as we all gather around the news channels and binge watch the weather radars, there are steps we can take in preparing for tornado season. A few precautions ahead of time can help keep you and your family safe.

Getting Your Home Ready

Because we know when these storms usually hit, it gives us plenty of time to get ready instead of waiting until the last minute. Adding security measure to your home like permanent shutters, garage door reinforcements, and trimming tree limbs can prevent the amount of damage your home takes. A lot of this requires a professional contractor to do, so don't procrastinate. That being said, there are other things you can do on your own such as securing patio furniture and other outdoor items that can become projectiles in high winds.

Have A Plan

Make sure everyone in your family knows the safest rooms in the house to take shelter. This should be a place without windows and somewhere secure. If you have a basement or storm shelter, that would be ideal. Always be on the lowest possible floor you can get to and cover yourself with blankets, sleeping bags, mattresses, and anything else that can protect you from falling debris.

Stay Off The Road

If you are in your car or driving when sever weather hits, stop right away. Avoid bridges and overpasses as these wind tunnels can increase wind speed and become very dangerous. Keep your head covered with your hands if you must.

Tornado Watch Vs. Tornado Warning

It is easy to confuse these two things, but it is important to know the difference. A tornado watch means that the right conditions exist in your area for a tornado to happen. A tornado warning means that one has been spotted on the ground and you should take shelter immediately. The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management has 3 basic guidelines for safety; Get In, Get Down, Cover Up.
Once the storm has passed, check for damage to your property. Be aware of fallen debris and downed power lines. If you cannot leave your home, contact the authorities.
Being prepared for a storm ahead of time can save the lives of you and your family. For everything else, call the Oklahoma Insurance Connection.
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